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Over recent decade of successful work project have been redesigned and re-shifted its conception a good many times. website used to function as a monitor, HYIP monitor with a forum, plus an only investing themed blog.

Best Investment

Over the course of ten-year period of fruitful perfomance our website have been redesigned and changed concept a great many times. used to work as a monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a HYIP forum, and a nothing but investment themed blog.

Investment Forum

Like any other market the investment and trading sector is modifying and evolving and our project shapes up in accord with main investment industry trends. Now, we are proud to offer the website guests and users a modern version of the investment forum.

What Are We Talking About?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the biggest trend line of online investing as of today. We are proud to offer you the separate forum’s section in which you can leave your feedbacks about hot Initial Coin Offerings, ask for info about the freshest Initial Coin Offerings and have a look at non-repayable tokens dispensation, newish AirDrops in special website section.

Online Investment

If you wish to make investments in cryptocurrency mining you should visit website sections devoted to video cards, cloud mining, and ASICs. Don’t hesitate to discuss about anything take into your head on the mining or else the most demanded coins to mine with other members of the community.

HYIP investment

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) professionals are invited on our HYIP investment themed forum sections in which they may talk about hot investment programs or take a look at professional-quality reviews based upon investment PROs’ notions as well as the community members references.

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We yield USD 5 dollars for every active member of forum. Every forum community participant with a verified account can participate in referral scheme. Every partner will gain a special (dofolow) link on blog as additional option.
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On our forum you will also get information about payment processors, crypto exchange services, and other financial services providing services for internet investing.

From The Blog

Mike Tyson Denies News that He Supports Crypto Startup Fight to Fame

American former professional boxer Mike Tyson has denied info that he supports a blockchain-based platform Fight to Fame, which is allegedly a fraudulent scheme...

Coinbase Reveals Password Storage Glitch

Coinbase has exposed the fact that a tiny fraction of its customers’ passwords were stored in plain text on an internal server log. However, the data was not im...

Music Blockchain Startup Audius Releases Its Public Beta Version

Audius, a music streaming blockchain startup has introduced its public beta version. The post Music Blockchain Startup Audius Releases Its Public Beta Version a...

Huobi Users’ Data is Surfacing on Dark-web Markets

Huobi users’ information is surfacing on some dark-web markets. The exchange’s name constantly surfaces on the dark web markets, where self-proclaimed hackers a...

Facebook Hires Outside Contractors for Listening Users’ Voice Messages

Facebook has confirmed that it hired outside contractors to transcribe voice messages sent via its Messenger app in order to check the work of its AI systems. T...

Tim Draper: Bitcoin Price Will Hit $250K by 2023

Speaking in an interview with Yahoo! Finance on Aug. 9, Serial VC investor Tim Draper says that Bitcoin will hit $250,000 by 2023 but its status as a safe haven...

Chinese Government-related Hacking Group Attacking Crypto Firms

Chinese state-sponsored hacking group, dubbed APT41, is attacking crypto firms, according to a FireEye Threat Intelligence report published August 2. The post C...

Drug Dealers Sell Cocaine in Exchange for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

A couple of drug dealers operating out of Merced, California have pleaded guilty to drug trading on the dark-web marketplace in exchange for Bitcoin and Bitcoin...

Only 2% of Bitcoin Transactions are Used for Illegal Purposes

Only 2 percent of Bitcoin node transactions were accounted to purchases on the dark web, according to the recent research from the blockchain analytics firm Ell...

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