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Over the course of ten-year period of work project have modified site design and changed concept a good many times. project used to work as a HYIP investing monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a forum, plus a nothing but investment themed blog.

Best Investment

Throughout of 10 years of working experience project have been redesigned an shifted its conception a great many times. used to operate as an investment monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a forum, and an only investing blog.

Investment Forum

As every other going forward marketplace the high yield investment market is evolving and changing and our project transforms in accord with current industry trends. Just now, we are proud to introduce the website users and guests a modern version of the forum.

What Are We Talking About?

ICO investing is the key development vector of online investment to date. We are happy to present you the separate section of the forum in which you may publish your reviews about hot Initial Coin Offerings, look for info about the latest ones and find out free-of-charge coins distribution, newish Altcoin Airdrops in the special section.

Online Investment

If you want putting your money in crypto mining you must click on site sections devoted to ASICs, cloud mining, and video cards. Feel free to discuss all that take into your head about the mining or the most demanded coins for mining with other members of community.

HYIP investment

HYIP players are also invited on the HYIP investment themed forum sections in which they can talk about recent investment programs as well as run through detailed investment project reviews on the basis of expert opinions and forum users references.

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We pay five USD dollars for every active member of the website (forum). Every users community member with a verified member account can have part in affiliate program. Each forum & blog’s affiliate will gain a special (dofolow) link on our blog as a bonus.
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On forum you will also get info about payment processors, crypto coin exchange websites, as well as other financial services offering tools for online investments.

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Christie’s Registers $323 million Art Sale on Blockchain

Christie’s, the world’s leading art business, has announced that it used blockchain technology to record the Barney A. Ebsworth Collection sale at i...

NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant to Speak at TRON’s Cryptocurrency Even

TRON founder Justin Sun has invited basketball champion Kobe Bryant as a guest speaker at the NiTRON Summit 2019 in San Francisco. NBA superstar will “sha...

Korea’s Energy Giant KEPCO to Use Blockchain for its Next-generation Micro Grid

Korea’s largest power provider KEPCO has announced that it will use blockchain to develop its eco-friendly micro grid.   The post Korea’s Energy Gian...

Giant Bitcoin Rat Comes Back to Washington Streets

Former hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers who uses a giant, inflatable rat covered in crypto code for making a statement in the ever-changing economy, has found s...

Analysts Predict Bitcoin Price Could Fall to $1,500

Analysts predict Bitcoin price could fall to $1,500, which would indicate another drop of more than 70 percent from current levels. The digital token tumbled 12...

Analysts Predict Bitcoin Price Could Fall to $1,500

Analysts predict Bitcoin price could fall to $1,500, which would indicate another drop of more than 70 percent from current levels. The digital token tumbled 12...

John McAfee Helps Tokenize Picasso Painting

Blockchain-based art investment platform Mae­ce­nasm has teamed up with security expert John McAfee and crypto exchange to to­k...

Circle Invest is Rewarding New Customers With Free Crypto Asset

Blockchain startup Circle Invest has launched crypto reward program for new users aimed at overcoming the barriers to investing in cryptocurrencies. The po...

French Fashion Magazine L’Officiel to Give Out $100M in “Taste Tokens’’

Leading French fashion magazine L’Officiel is giving out $100 million of a their own cryptocurrency “Taste Tokens.” The magazine will be givin...

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