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Over recent decade of effective work our project have modified design an shifted concept a great many times. used to function as an investment monitor, HYIP investing monitor with a HYIP forum, plus an only investing themed blog.

Best Investment

During of ten years of effective working have been redesigned and changed its conception a great many times. used to operate as a monitor, HYIP monitor with a HYIP forum, as well as an only investing blog.

Investment Forum

Like every other marketplace the investment space is changing and shapes up in keeping with current investment industry directions. Just now, we are happy to introduce visitors an up-to-date version of the investment forum.

What Are We Talking About?

ICO investment is the biggest development vector of Web investment activities for the day. We are proud to offer you the special forum section in which you may post your comments and testimonials on newish Initial Coin Offerings, ask for information about the latest ones plus learn about free tokens distribution, recent Crypto Airdrops in special site section.

Online Investment

If you plan to put the money in Bitcoin & Altcoin mining you should click on the sections devoted to video cards, cloud mining, and ASICs. Don’t hesitate chew over all that cross your mind about the crypto coin mining and the most demanded altcoins for mining with forum users.

HYIP investment

High Yield Investment Program enthusiasts are also bid welcomed on the HYIP themed sections in which they may express an opinion on hot HYIPs and read well written reviews based on expert view and opinions as well as the community members comments.

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You can get five USD dollars for every ’live’ member of our website (forum). Any our users community participant with a verified user account can be involved in our affiliate program. Each our partner will obtain a do-follow link on blog as a ’prize’.
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On the forum pages you will also get information about payment providers, crypto coin exchanges, as well as other fin services that provide services for online investing.

From The Blog

Proof-of-Stake, Sharding to Make Future Blockchain ‘Thousand Times More Efficient” — Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes that future blockchains based on sharding and proof of stake will be “thousands of times more efficient.̶...

Gemini Launches Mobile App for Trading

US-based crypto exchange Gemini, named after its two founders the Winklevoss twins has launched a mobile wallet for its users. The post Gemini Launches Mobile A...

The UK May Allow Crypto Tax Payments

Eddie Hughes, an MP from the ruling Conservative party, has presented a bill on allowing cryptocurrency tax payments. If adopted, the law will allow to pay coun...

Elon Musk Sends ISS Crew Christmas Dinner

The owner of astro-firm SpaceX Elon Musk has sent the ISS crew Christmas dinner. The delivery was sent via SpaceX Dragon capsule and was received by Commander A...

Google+ Exposes 52.2 Million Users’ Personal Data

Google has reported on data breach of 52 million users of Google+ social network. The statement was published in the official blog of the company on Monday...

Facebook is Hiring Staff Members for its Menlo Park’s Blockchain Team

The social media giant is now hiring five new staff members for blockchain team at its Menlo Park, California. The positions currently open for applicants are t...

Bitcoin Can Help to Overcome Poverty According To Bill Gates

According to Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world valued at more than $95 billion, cryptocurrencies and blockchains will help those who live in pover...

Swiss Post, Swisscom to Launch Blockchain Platform

Switzerland’s postal service Swiss Post and state-owned telecom provider Swisscom have partnered to launch a blockchain platform. The two also said they a...

New York Financial Regulator Authorizes Blockchain-based Payment Platform

The Department of Financial Services of New York (NYDFS) has authorized a Signature Bank’s real-time blockchain-based payment platform, called Signet. The...

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